Tiffany’s Tools

Tiffany’s Tools at Poppies Spa and Studio. 

Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (Breakfast at Tiffany's)_25The Conception. On a calm and sultry summer night, in the southernmost wine region of California, Tiffany stands pondering bare walls of her first apartment.

Through a stark lonesome window, rows of grapes disappear in the distance over rolling hills, as the simmering sun settles into the crest of the mountains.

Brimming with excitement, but not yet content, Tiffany stands before her favorite framed picture: The classic photo of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s. In the classic photograph, Audrey gazes into the window of her favorite store, embracing all the possibilities that lie before her. The photograph leans carelessly against the barren wall beneath the very location it is to be hung. Among the framed photo, awaits a small cedar shelf, a heavy curtain rod, and boxes of dresses and ballet costumes which remain to be opened.

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Tiffany talks about her concept

She tentatively picks up a masculine, wooden hammer to secure her unique possession to the wall. The hammer is unwieldy in her tiny hand, an obvious contrast to Tiffany. Then something happens . . . suddenly an idea is born.

It’s apparent that Tiffany must design her own distinctive set of tools: tools contoured for a woman’s hand, created to reflect a classic beauty with a twist of modern style. Tools just as chic and classic as her stylish heroine – miss Audrey Hepburn.

Putting down the heavy, rugged hammer, she smiles to herself. She knows that she can live without them, but prefers not to.

A unique gift for women, designed to reflect a chic, fashionable lifestyle. Tiffany’s Tools for women come in a uber cool patent leather carrying case. Colors are white, red and black.

This upscale, designer set of household tools is skillfully contoured to fit a woman’s hand. They are designed to reflect a chic and fashionable lifestyle. A unique gift has a stylish patent leather carrying case and can be displayed in any room of the house. Imagine pulling Tiffany’s Tools out of the back of your Lexus, BMW or vintage mustang.

Tiffany's Tools in the moviesMen now have an opportunity to give her a practical gift without sacrificing the beauty and distinction that she deserves. There is no other product on the market place that compares with Tiffanys Tools. They are created exclusively for the woman with a discerning sense of style. These are tools for the woman who wants the job done right.

Interior of our Tiffany’s Tool case contains:

•  Measuring Tape
•  Utility Knife
•  Pliers
•  Wrench
•  Wire Cutters
•  Hammer
•  Interchangeable Dual Head Screwdriver

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