Spa Services in Auburn CA


Poppies Spa offers premier corrective spa services in Auburn California. We offer the luxurious and world renowned Yon-Ka facial (70 minutes hands on therapy). We are the only genuine spa in Auburn California with bareMinerals makeup and skin care line known as “Skinsorials” skincare.

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 We respect that your dollars are hard earned.

You want results, you want value for money. Visit us soon and we will show you how the technology of nature can deliver truly astounding results in your skin that last well beyond when you walk out the door. The person looking back at you from the mirror will thank you.

There is help available for acne, acne scars, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, stretch marks, fine or deep lines and fine wrinkles.

Together, using the technology of nature we will make a real difference in your appearance. You will not find unicorns or rainbows here at Poppies Spa, what you will find is serious minded technicians who will give you the tools to fight the effects of acne, skin discoloration, wrinkles and the other outward effects of aging. This is what you should expect from a YonKa Paris Spa in Auburn California.

Our facials, spa waxing, and massage therapy strictly adhere to the California State Board specification for cleanliness and sanitation. Our customer service is the best in Placer County because we don’t sell “50 minute spa hours” at Poppies, we sell noticeable results in your appearance. We will see to it that all of your skin care questions are answered through the results of your service.

The perfect spa facial in Auburn CA is a YonKa Paris facial.

Yonka spa facials are usually 75 minutesAt Poppies Spa & Studio we exclusively use the Yonka Paris botanical skin care line. What is a spa if not the one location you can speak to professionals about your skin.

Traditionally, a spa will squeeze you into a 1 hour time slot to maximize their number of daily Poppies Spa in Auburn ca sayingappointments. This means that you must settle for the “50 minute spa slot. Facials at Poppies are approximately 75 minutes of hands on therapy. Though the extra time is not reflected in our prices, we feel that conforming to the Yonka Paris facial protocol will insure a result that speaks for itself and there is always time to for Q & A.

Poppies books their facial and massage appointments every 90 minutes. Clients become our partners in the common goal for beautiful and healthy skin. Fifty percent of our new customers come from referrals. Read our online reviews from anywhere on the web and see why this time commitment is the best way to provide a complete solution for our clients.

I encourage you to visit us at Poppies Spa for a complimentary consultation. I invite you to ask the important questions about your skin and home skincare routine. We do understand that your dollars are hard earned so you and your friends should see an undeniable difference after receiving a Yonka facial. Of all the spas in Auburn CA, our attention to detail will impress you and the results in your skin will bring you back.