Welcome Fall

2017 Fall Hints for your skin:

Get Your Skin Ready For The Colder Months

Welcome, Fall!

It’s ironic that my very favorite season can also torture my skin if I don’t make the necessary changes to my routine. Thankfully, a few simple improvements can really help to set my skin up for a happy transition to autumn.

1. Shorten your showers.

Poppies Spa Fall 1
Young Woman Washing Her Face

I love a long lazy steam as much as the next girl, but the truth is that it wreaks havoc on my skin. When the weather gets colder, I have to keep my showers short and sweet. I also try to only hop in twice per week. It’s better for my entire body, including my hair.

2. Up the exfoliation.

Up the exfoliation using Yonka's Guarana Scrub

My breakouts actually tend to get worse in the cooler months when dry skin clogs my pores. To keep things clear, I’m a fan of exfoliating. I use a treatment a few times per week to keep my skin looking fresh.

3. Hydrate consistently.

Hydrate consistantlyLook for Hyaluronic Acid on the ingredient list for your fall moisturizer or opt for a hydrating serum to layer underneath your day cream. Hydra No. 1 is a great option. This will help to give skin a much-needed boost of hydration and help to keep your skin barrier strong during the colder months. I find in the cold weather that skin needs a little extra “TLC” so daily hydration is key and the use of an ultra hydrating mask can help things further along when used once per week.

4. Use a gentle cleanser.

Use a gentle cleanser such as Yonka Gel NetIn the summer my skin can handle a harsh cleanser and I stay away from creamy formulas that can lead to breakout. When fall comes around, I put my Glycolic Acid cleanser away in favor of a calming cleansing milk or balm. These formulas melt down my makeup without stripping skin and leave a layer of soothing moisture on my face. This is especially helpful in keeping any redness or irritation at bay that might crop up when it gets cold.

5. Don’t forget about your lips.

Fall is when all of the bold lip colors come out to play and there’s nothing that fights that fabulous look more than a few unwelcome flakes. A smoothing primer is your best friend but I find that it helps to treat chapped lips overnight to keep them plump and happy. Opt for rich emollients – the thicker the better – and you’ll find that your lips will get all of the added moisture that they need.