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Skincare and Makeup at
Poppies Spa & Studio

Skincare - Makeup by bareMinerals and Yonka at Poppies Spa, Auburn CA

“Poppies Spa & Studio only carry and use the very best skincare and makeup products. Brands such as Yon-ka Paris and bareMinerals “Skinsorials” are at the top of their industry; the forward edge of botanical and organic product development. Their research focuses on nature’s potent technology of phyto-science; the natural resource for healing the effects of aging on our skin.” – Steve and Paula Jones

Two essential tools . . .

for a woman’s protection from the effects of aging is skincare and makeup.  The spectrum of “beauty” is much wider than ever before. Women who take care of their skin and maintain a youthful and fresh complexion are obvious in any modern dialogue about today’s beautiful woman. BareMinerals saw this trend twenty years ago and developed a natural mineral makeup line to veil and not paint a woman’s skin. Now that they have unwrapped their new skin care line “Skinsorials“, we expect “we ain’t seen nothin yet”.

We were the first company in the Sierra Foothills

to offer the Yon-Ka (Yonka) Paris skin care line and it has been our central prescriptive product for rejuvenate and illuminating healthy skin. Now, we are the ONLY spa in Auburn CA to carry the new bareMinerals Skinsorials botanical skincare line. 

A Choice of skincare – makeup is a wonderful thing.

We all grow and evolve as we make educated decisions, as we exercise our freedom to choose. In that vain, Poppies Spa now offers both Yon-Ka Paris Skincare and bareMinerals “Skinsorials” skincare. We have absolute confidence that these lines will offer you the very best choices that you can make in your journey to bring your inner beauty to the surface.  As you accomplish that, don’t forget to add a little color with bareMinerals makeup and follow nature’s lead. Great makeup starts with excellent skincare.

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Natural Skincare and Makeup at Poppies Spa & Studio, Auburn CA
skincare - makeup by bareMinerals at Poppies Spa, Auburn CA
skincare - makeup by bareMinerals at Poppies Spa, Auburn CA