Yonka in Hollywood

Yonka in Hollywood has many celebrities who use Yon-Ka Paris facials and products, to look their best and stand up to the rigors of makeup application and removal during their

Celebrity endorsements
They love Yon-Ka

time on film sets. Beautiful and healthy skin is mandatory in the entertainment trade. Runway models for example, are using YonKa’s Phyto Contour for swelling under the eyes. Yon-Ka Paris® was the official skincare lined used on the cast for the following TV sets.

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YonKa in Hollywood means celebrities understand the importance of looking young through using the proper botanical skin care products like Yon-Ka Paris.

  • Christina Aguillera
  • Madonna
  • Jessica Alba
  • Martha Stewart
  • Paris Hilton
  • Halle Berry
  • Hilary Swank
  • Brad Pitt
  • Angelie Jolie
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Courtney Cox
  • Lucy Liu

Aging of the skin is closely related to each person’s lifestyle. To stay young, YON-KA offers a double solution for every aging concern, providing a perfect synergy between home care products and salon treatments.

Celebrities who love YonKaYonKa is used by celebritiesHollywood celebrity who uses Yonka Paris productsStar coach of "The Voice" uses YonKa
Yonka in Hollywood
Yon-Ka Paris products were used to insure that the stars skin looked their best and could stand up to the hours of makeup application and removal.
Yon-Ka Paris was used by the stars in Alice In Wonderland
Celebrities at Hollywood 2010 Oscars who are reported to use Yonka for their skin.


The entire female cast of Desperate Housewives is absolutely mad about YON-KA® and sent a private dedication of every single cast member as follows:

Desperate Housewives: Sherilyn Stetz the key make up artist added “Thank You YON-KA® for all of your support!”

Ghost Whisperer: Jennifer Love Hewitt was treated with Yonka’s Pamplemousse on the set of her new drama, GHOST WHISPERER.

Saturday Night Live


Jimmy Kimmel Live: EVEN Jimmy Kimmel loves YON-KA® and uses it on the set.