Teen Facials

Teen Facials For Healthy Skin

Teen facials can make all the difference in the world for a young person who is battling hormonal changes and an active and stressful lifestyle. Stress? Yes, it is true, studies show that teens can often suffer from the stress of peer pressure, parent expectations and critical self imposed esthetic standards. They compare themselves to media images that are highly edited and unrealistic. Healthy skin contributes greatly toward relieving some of these pressures. Our estheticians will educate them and make recommendations for home skin care that will be easy to follow. The result can be astonishing when simply using what nature provides.

Teen facials at Poppies Spa, Auburn CA

Teen Facials for Acne $60.00:

Perfect spa facials for young women and menInvigorating and refreshing, this is a superb natural treatment for addressing Acne along with other skin problems and promotes a clear healthy and glowing complexion. We will educate your teen in proper skin care maintenance resulting in clearer skin producing a greater confidence in their appearance. This is a teen facial that will make a real difference along with the education they will recieve on how to normalize their skin’s oil production.

The Best Microdermabrasion Acne Treatment for Teens $99:

At this age, exposure to the sun, acne and facial scars developed while growing up are normal. Now there’s a simple procedure that can help improve young adults’ complexions by removing those imperfections that can impede their self-image. Many teens are now exploring microdermabrasion. This treatment is a gentle non-surgical exfoliation procedure designed to remove the dead outer layer of your skin, allowing the smooth, softer skin underneath to come to the surface. Considered a popular Maryland facial rejuvenation technique, Microdermabrasion works well on all colors of skin and can improve the appearance and condition of the teenage patient’s overall skin texture.

Q. Who is a good candidate for Microdermabrasion?

A. Microdermabrasion can be done on just about any type of skin and any skin color. Since every individual is unique and has some special needs, a personal consultation with one of our skin specialists is recommended. During the consultation we will evaluate your skin and create a treatment plan that will benefit you best.

Q. Is Microdermabrasion helpful in acne or oily skin?

A. Oily and acne skin usually suffers from over production of oil and dead skin that accumulates in the skin’s surface, trapping the oil underneath and causing formation of blackheads (comodones) and whiteheads (milia) which eventually lead to acne breakouts. Deep exfoliation with Microdermabrasion will unclog the follicles and balance the skin’s surface allowing the treatment products to penetrate better to control your oily and acne prone skin. However Microdermabrasion should not be performed on active acne breakouts, as it spreads bacteria and will aggravate the condition. You will need to clear your acne first using YonKa Paris products such as Juvenil and Creme 15, then you can use Microdermabrasion to maintain healthy skin and minimize pore size and acne scars.