Waxing Services


Waxing Services
Waxing services are the most popular spa service in the country today. With advances in waxes, along with proper skin preparation, waxing is a precise and artistic way to enhance your best features. When done properly, it might well inhibit future growth when it is done correctly. Consulting with your esthetician and informing her as to your goals makes all the difference in the world. We will ask you some important questions to insure that your skin responds properly during the waxing treatment. We will be sensitive to your comfort and modesty to make sure that your waxing experience at Poppies Spa earns your loyalty.

Spa Waxing Menu

Eyebrow tweezing Starting at 24.00
Eyebrow shaping 23.00
Lip 10.00
Chin 11.00
Side burns 11.00
Full Face 52.00
Underarms 20.00
Forearm 30.00
Full Arm 45.00
Lower Leg 45.00
Upper Leg 45.00
Full Leg 85.00
Bikini line 40.00

Waxing Guidelines

We regret that we cannot perform any spa waxing services on clients taking Accutane, Retin-A, Retinol or antibiotics due to increased sensitivity while using these products. This of course includes bikini waxing, lip waxing, eyebrow waxing and all of our waxing services.We recommend that waxing services be performed when body hair is at least ¼” in length, or 2-4 weeks of hair growth.


Waxing eyebrows for the proper arch

After eyebrow waxing or waxing legs etc. please allow 48 hours before sun bathing or using a tanning bed. Newly waxed skin is more sensitive to the sun and will burn easily.

We understand the importance of having beautiful symmetrical eyebrows. Eyebrow waxing should result in a natural arch that follows the contours of your face. When eyebrows are shaped correctly they magnify the beauty of your eyes and can even make you appear years younger. Skinny eyebrows are out and full, properly arched eyebrows are in. How to wax orshape eyebrows is an esthetic call and when eyebrow waxing is done correctly, severe redness, bleeding or skin lifting should not never occur. The key is properly preparing the skin.
We have clients who drive from as far away as Davis for their eyebrow shaping and design by Paula J. the owner. When this spa service is done correctly and not rushed, everyone will notice your beautiful eyes.